pete forsyth DJ

The Actor

I have been an actor for over 40 years, mainly AM DRAM, though, occasionally, I've been paid!

I've had several important roles throughout the years and, it has been said, I can hold a tune! The latest achievement was landing the role of Alfred P. Doolittle in My Fair Lady with Heckmondwike Players in March 2010 and Sir John in "Me & My Girl" For Heckmondwike Players in 2012.

I also enjoy being a member of Skulduggery, the country's leading Murder Mystery Company. This involves pure improvisation and is very satisfying.

I have been practically every character in pantomimes, except principal boy, over the last 30 years. I have to say, I look pretty good in a frock!!

I am now at an age where I've been asked to direct a pantomime. Last year it was with The Brighouse Theatre Productions where I directed Robinson Crusoe. I'm delighted to announce that they have asked me back for this years production of Mother Goose!

I have had bit parts in TV dramas and documentaries, the latest being in the forthcoming BBC4 drama "Forgotten Fallen" where I play a "scruffy guy" - their description, and a true one after the make up department had finished with me!


You can see photos on my photographs page.